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We did not have to be asked twice to be the Green Force distributor for Canada!  This robust, reliable and flexible light system is built by the diver to meet his needs.

Choose a convenient basic kit package, or go modular and choose the light head and battery pack that fits your budget.

All Green Force components are interchangeable. Your lighting package grows as your requirements grow.

LED’s have become the standard of the diving industry. Green Force has chosen Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), as a micro-processor control system for light output on all their light heads. This feature allows perfect battery management and controls the LED’s to operate at a maximum capacity without overloading them.

All Green Force connections are TOS (Triple O-Ring Seal) and feature “Twist On/Off” controls that eliminate a potential failure point. All products are depth rated to 250 meters.

We have invested in the future of Green Force in Canada and stock virtually the complete line, including service kits!

All light heads carry a three year warranty.  Titanium light heads carry a six year warranty!

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