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Kevlar Coated Compressed Neoprene and Tri Laminate Suits.



Franz Schonenberger started making drysuits in his basement in 2006.  Working with a new material necessitated a different approach for gluing and stitching.  As his initial suit design became more and more popular with the local cave diving community, the order backlog grew. He quit his day job, now employees three people full time and his company is growing quickly.  Very quickly! 

These suits are made in Switzerland from the finest materials and to the highest standard.  They are offered in compressed neoprene or tri-laminate.  While there may be only five stock sizes custom enhancements are available.      Because we are all different “Made to Measure” features such as leg and arm adjustments are available, the addition of pockets, relief valves and other personal features are available on ordering.

The semi-finished suits are imported into the United States where they are customized to the customer's specification. 


A further benefit to these suits is an excellent seven (7) year warranty - no matter their use - and they can be returned to the manufacturer or authorized service center for a free annual check up.

More and more police, search and rescue, special forces, technical and commercial divers are discovering the benefits of a Kevlar Dry Suit. 

More additions to the product line are in the works and we are very pleased to be able to join forces with him in introducing this suit to the North American market. 

By the way Franz still dives his prototype Kevlar suit “No.1”. 

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