Waterproof AB of Sweden finds new ways to improve and refine their line every year.

The Integrated Seal System (ISS) of Silicone Wrist and Neck Seals has been extended from being an exclusive feature of the D1 Hybrid Suit to a standard feature on the D7.  By March of 2013 the ISS will be standard on the D10 drysuit.

The D1 Hybrid Suit with it’s patented 3-D Mesh Inner Lining provides a “Constant Volume” technology - unmatched in providing diver warmth and comfort.

The lining features an incredible resistance to compression.  By keeping the suit away from the body, cold spots while diving are a thing of the past.  The lining will not absorb moisture and stays completely dry.  You are insulated by a layer of warmed air.  Bulky and buoyant underwear is a thing of the past.

This is our Number 1 selling drysuit!!

The popular W1, W2 & W3 wetsuit series have been supplemented with the W30 Sport Series of suits and accessories. W4 & W6 wetsuits will be stock items by the end of 2013.

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