More important news from Waterproof

Regarding warranty claim on torn dry zippers ends/boxes

Waterproof have replaced dry zippers in D7 suits who has been torn/ripped apart on the zipper ends/box under warranty. A front placed zipper in a dry suit is more sensitive while dressing than a back zip, therefor proper dressing is essential!

The main problem with the zipper has been caused by the user that while dressing up with the suit, put too much force/stress onto the zipper that it actually breaks apart in the ends. Waterproof will stop replacing zippers under warranty, who shows this type of damage caused by user, using too much improper force while dressing.

We recommend our dealers/distributors to educate and inform the end user how to properly dress without causing damage to the dry suit.

You can find a short instructive film on WP TV, on our homepage, how this is done. 

Above will be effective from January 1st 2015.

The Waterproof Team