Green Force DEMA 2013 Product Line Enhancements

The Monostar P7 Light Head is being phased out of production.

The replacement will be the Monostar 1200 Light Head GF8.329 This is a true measured 1200 lumen light head.

This will be a stock item in the New Year.

In response to demands for a high quality, entry level, hand held light Green Force has developed two new product offerings.

Option 1 is a handheld model using rechargeable or disposable AA batteries measuring 8 3/4” ‘s in length:

The Diamond 600 AA - uses 3 x AA Batteries (not included)

Option 2 is a handheld model measuring a less than 5 1/2” ‘s that uses a rechargeable Li Ion 18650 Battery:

Diamond 600 18650 includes 1 x 7.522 Charger and 1 x 18650 Li-Ion Battery

Excellent quality and value from a name source!

Both will be stock items before Christmas.