Green Force DEMA 2013 Product Line Enhancements

The Monostar P7 Light Head is being phased out of production.

The replacement will be the Monostar 1200 Light Head GF8.329 This is a true measured 1200 lumen light head.

This will be a stock item in the New Year.

In response to demands for a high quality, entry level, hand held light Green Force has developed two new product offerings.

Option 1 is a handheld model using rechargeable or disposable AA batteries measuring 8 3/4” ‘s in length:

The Diamond 600 AA - uses 3 x AA Batteries (not included)

Option 2 is a handheld model measuring a less than 5 1/2” ‘s that uses a rechargeable Li Ion 18650 Battery:

Diamond 600 18650 includes 1 x 7.522 Charger and 1 x 18650 Li-Ion Battery

Excellent quality and value from a name source!

Both will be stock items before Christmas.

Green Force Introduces a New 90° Hybrid Umbilical

Left? Right? Up? Down?

No matter how you want your Green Force light configured, this umbilical makes it possible.

With its 90° connection, all kinds of solutions are offered when the battery pack is fixed to a belt, a harness or a backpack.

The umbilical is compatible with all Green Force battery packs and light heads.

Order Part No GF8.285

Green Force highlights the new Titanium Quadristar Lighthead






When only the best is good enough!

The success of Green Force’s titanium Heptastar light head just begged for the introduction of the titanium Quadristar.

This ultra-rugged light weight light head with Green Force’s Hybrid 2 battery pack, 2 x 18650 lithium ion batteries, a charger and a case are being introduced as a package.

Order GF9.6948

The light head will be available in July of 2013 as a separate order.

Order GF7.795

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