For professional, military and/or institutional buyers

Items and products listed in these pages are for professional, military and/or institutional buyers.  They are not available to retail resellers. 

  • Minimum orders may be applicable.
  • Passwords, where required, are supplied on a “need to know” basis.
  • NSN numbers are available.
  • Items are not for sale to countries or entities subject to sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United States or Canada. 
  • Proof of identity may be required.

Our product lines

More information about our product lines

Nautec valves are used with a number of NATO militaries in their rebreather applications.  Our low volume production abilities, combined with an extensive product design range and years of experience allow us to meet the most technical of objectives.  Non magnetic versions are available on request.

In North America, please contact Ocean Equipment directly for consultation.

OTS communication devices are in use with many militaries around the world. We have a full range of wireless products keyed with specialty frequencies. Diver recall systems and hardwire systems are available.

In Canada, please contact Ocean Equipment directly for consultation.

SI TECH is a major supplier of low noise, non magnetic drysuit accessories and staple products. Our in-house range of products is built on a tried and tested foundation of dry suit valves and suit inflation systems.

Rebreather developers benefit from our competencies and experience in developing precision tooling and components. Proprietary products are developed with end users, to meet specific demands.

In North America, please contact Ocean Equipment directly for consultation.

WATERPROOF has more than 35 years of experience as a producer and developer of high-end diving gear. Ocean Equipment is your Canadian dealer for Waterproof’s products. View the new R3 Waterproof suit  below, or download the PDF here.