SI TECH Recall Notice

Please be advised of the following:

SI TECH AB, in an abundance of caution, has issued a Voluntary Recall Notice, for specific Drysuit Inflation Valves as described in this Notice Letter. Directions, as described in the Step by Step Guide, must be adhered to. Note:

  • No valve is to disassembled or serviced in any way.
  • Unauthorized returns will be destroyed.
  • Please e-mail us at with any questions, or if you have a suspect valve.
  • We will respond to your e-mail. Telephone calls will not be accepted.

Product subject to voluntary recall:

Model Number: 25210

Production Batch Codes: JD1, JE2, JE5, JE6, JF6, JG2 ,JK6, JK9, JKA, JL1, JL3, KA7, KB8, KG2, KH3, KH4, KK7, KL3, LC1, LC2, LC4, LC7, LC9, LD2, LD6, LD7, LD8

Model Number: 25215

Production Batch Codes: JG1, KA9, LC5

Instructions on how to identify the batch code can be found in this Step by Step Guide.

Please note that this information relates only to Shell type valves with an International Nipple with the above batch code. No other valves are subject to this notification. Please note that the logo on the button may vary, eg. , SI TECH, other logos. A sample picture of the Shell Inflation Value Int’l Nipple is in red below.

Shell inflation valve Int’l nipple – Subject to voluntary recall

Shell inflation valve cejn nipple – NOT subject to voluntary recall

Skeleton inflation valve – NOT subject to voluntary recall

Slide inflation valve – NOT subject to voluntary recall

WARNING! DO NOT disassemble or service the valves yourself.

SI TECH has appointed certified technicians to perform the replacement of the valve part subject to this notification. All service/disassembly of SI TECH valves must only be performed by SI TECH approved technicians. Assembly and service performed by unauthorized parties will result in the voiding of the warranty.

If you have a valve subject to this notification, please provide your name, address and number of valves to the following address. This notification information may also be used by a consumer:

For North America (USA and Canada):

Rest of the world:

Upon notification, SI TECH will forward shipping information to be used to forward the valve(s) with a completed notification form, which follows. Your valve(s) will be handled by a SI TECH appointed technician and returned to you at no cost. Our aim is a 48 hour turnaround time, upon receipt of the valves, excluding holidays.

All inquiries related to this notice should be directed to the following email addresses:

North America:

Rest of the world:

Download the above information & instructions:

SI TECH Voluntary Recall Letter to customers

SI TECH Step-by-Step Guide (batch codes)