SI TECH voluntary recall announced

SI TECH AB is performing a voluntary recall and replacement for specific Drysuit Inflation Valves from certain batch codes of two (2) models of its Shell Inflation valves with Int’l Nipples. SI Tech has initiated this precautionary measure after receiving notification of a potential discrepancy in these production batches. The discrepancy may lead to a loss of inflation capacity. As the safety of those using SI TECH valves is paramount to SI Tech, we have initiated this voluntary recall. All distribution and sales of the following SI TECH valves with the batch codes specified below must cease immediately:

Model Number: 25210

  • Production Batch Codes: JD1, JE2, JE5, JE6, JF6, JG2 ,JK6, JK9, JKA, JL1, JL3, KA7, KB8, KG2, KH3, KH4, KK7, KL3, LC1, LC2, LC4, LC7, LC9, LD2, LD6, LD7, LD8

Model Number: 25215

  • Production Batch Codes: JG1, KA9, LC5

Please note that this information relates only to Shell type valves with an International Nipple with the above batch code. No other valves are subject to this notification. Please note that the logo on the button may vary, eg. , SI TECH, other logos.

Detailed instructions on how to proceed and how to identify the batch code can be found on our SI TECH Recall Notice page here.

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